This cool $40 humidifier works like a beast and doesn't leave a huge mess

The humidifier has been around for almost 100 years, going through all kinds of design variations and advancements along the way. Considering all that potential research and development time, it begs an important question. Why do you have to fill most humidifiers from the bottom?  — Read the rest

Check out 9 new deals on vacuums that are right on time for Spring Cleaning

With the spring in full force, we have a question. Why is spring the only season that results in cleaning? Sure, we all batten down for winter, so we likely are a bit laxer about straightening up the house during the coldest months of the year. — Read the rest

I am unsure how I have lived without this bread slicing tray

I just want someone to look upon me as adoringly as that woman falling for the bread slices.

Anyways, this bread tray is not the one that woman is gooey for, but it suits my needs better.

Things I like about the one with the lone slicer are:

  1. It stores away small
  2. Not made of plastic, even tho there are cheaper plastic variants
  3. Bread slices are fairly uniform and not a mashed mess (my usual style!)
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Upgrade your patio for spring and summer with up to 57% off these patio sets

If it hasn't reached you yet, then keep an ear out for your doorbell… because outdoor lounging season is coming for a visit any day now. Of course, the brilliant weather for stretching out, relaxing, and enjoying the majesty of the outdoors from the glory of your own patio isn't enough. — Read the rest

Placerville residents call for the hangman's noose

Women banned from Dollar General after trying to use $1m bank note to pay for stuff

Two women in Tennessee were reported to police after one offered a fake $1 million bill to pay for items at the Dollar General in Maryville, Tenn.

[she told] the cop that she received the $1 million bill "in the mail from a church," but was unable to provide additional information about the purported house of worship's largesse, as first reported by The Daily Times.

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Retrospective of netbooks, the tiny low-end laptops that lit up the late 2000s

Nilay Patel remembers the netbook, the small (9-11") power-sipping (Intel Atom) and cheap (sub-$500) devices that suddenly exploded in the late 2000s, only to vanish into the fog of tablets, ultrabooks and chromebooks. Within a few years, he figures, there were some 40 models of the popular but decidedly low-end Asus EeePC. — Read the rest

How Gen X learned to hate marketing

  1. We love caffeine
  2. We love sugar
  3. Big Wheeling with Mom and Dad involved whiskey and tattoos
  4. Fuck you

The Cola Wars were so awful, and we lost so many friends, marketing will never speak to Gen X.

Then, they tried it again! — Read the rest

Electronic "dance" game gives dementia researchers hope for treatment