The joy of pressure washing

I borrowed a friend's gasoline-powered pressure washer to clean the mossy-covered bricks in my back yard. The machine was noisy and smelly and I had to keep refilling the tank, but I loved the results, so I bought an electric pressure washer (the Sun Joe SPX3200). — Read the rest

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DB Cooper mystery: new dig for evidence underway on Washington river bank

In 1971, "DB Cooper" hijacked a plane from Portland, Oregon and eventually parachuted into the Pacific Northwest wilderness with $200,000 strapped to his body. He was never seen again. The DB Cooper tale continues to thrive in popular culture while sparking a seemingly endless stream of theories about the mystery man's identity, whether he could have lived, and, if he did, his whereabouts. — Read the rest

This super excited dog manages a parkour move in front of delighted party-goers

A goldendoodle named Sparky Peanutbutter caught the zoomies during a backyard party in New Jersey, leading to quite a performance. He sped around from one end of the yard to the other, springing off furniture while doing a fast-motion meet-and-greet with the guests. — Read the rest

In 1997, 685 children in Japan suffered seizures from watching a Pokémon episode

On December 16th of 1997, 685 children across Japan were rushed to the hospital due to "Pokémon Shock." The 38th episode of the Pokémon anime contained flashing visuals that caused many kids to suffer photosensitive epileptic seizures. This tragedy resulted in two children being hospitalized for over two weeks. — Read the rest

Watch this housecat scare off an aggressive cobra

It looks like this cobra was planning to crawl into a box when it was surprised to see a cat in it. The cat defended its turf admirably, batting the cobra with lightning-fast paw swipes. After a few seconds, you can hear the snake mutter "fuck this" before slithering off. — Read the rest

Excellent 1968 bubblegum pop by The Osmonds: "Groove With What You Got"

Please excuse me for liking 1960s bubblegum pop, but I'd like to share this 1968 Osmonds song with other people who share my questionable musical taste. It's called "Groove With What You Got" and appeared on the group's second album from 1968, "The Wonderful World of The Osmond Brothers." — Read the rest

Watch digger bees build sandcastles on California beaches

In this fascinating video below, learn about the biology of beach bees! Bumble bee mimicking Digger Bees (Anthophora bomboides stanfordiana) are beach bums, hanging out on the sands of Northern California and Oregon. From Deep Look:

Once they've mated, the females spend the spring digging their nests into sandy cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

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A truck barrels through an insurance building, caught on video

A 51-year-old gentleman crashed his Chevy Silverado through a Michigan Farmers Insurance agency yesterday, causing extensive damage not only to Farmers, but to the Chinese restaurant next door. Fortunately the restaurant was empty, but one woman in the insurance office, who was not hurt, was at her desk just yards from the front door when the truck barreled through. — Read the rest

New York governor Andrew Cuomo resigns

Andrew Cuomo, accused of sexual misconduct in a blistering report published by his own Attorney General, today resigned as governor of New York. In a speech broadcast at midday, Cuomo said he was often with his daughters as he watched media coverage of accusations against him, and insisted he never intentionally disrespected a woman: "Your dad made mistakes, and he apologized." — Read the rest